What we offer

  • Safaris in all Tanzanian Nationalparks up to Kenya
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro and other Mountains
  • Walking Tours, Meeting Tanzanian People,
  • Showing you around  various Cities and Villages
  • Visiting Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and other Lakes
  • Beach holidays



You can go with us to Lodge Safari as well as Camping Safari or we can mix it, so that we can adapt the program to your preferences and your budget.

If you go on a Camping Safari, a Safari Cook will join you.

Slowly, slowly we will drive with you in a Four Wheel Landcruiser through the wonderful landscape of the various National Parks to find the animals in their natural environment.

You will have a lot of time to watch the animals and take pictures.

Our Safari Guides are well trained and able to tell you all kinds of information about the animals you will find.

Watching the “Big Five” (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo and Leopard) is a unique adventure.

Watching the annual “Big Migration” of the Wildebeests and Zebras is extremely impressive. About 3.5 Million animals are walking in big groups from Serengeti in the north of Tanzania to Massai Mara in the south of Kenya, and back again. They are looking for grass with important nutrients.

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 Kilimanjaro and other Hiking Areas

Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro

In the heart of Kilimanjaro National Park Africa’s highest mountain is situated. Mount Kilimanjaro has a high of 5896 m. Kilimanjaro is one of the highest volcanic mountains in the World.


The mountain rises up from cultivated areas at the bottom. On the slopes you find wonderful green rainforest, and then after lovely meadows you reach the rocky landscape of the top with the two summits, Kibo and Mawenzi.

in the rainforest

But Tanzania also has other possibilities for hiking tours.

 We organize for you easy or demanding hiking tours and walks:

Climbing Mount Meru

Tours in the Usambara Mountains

Walking in the rainforest with explanations of the Fauna and Flora

Walking with a Massai Guide to Lake Natron

Walking to Empaakai- Crater or Olmoti-Crater  in the world famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Walking at Lake Victoria

Walking- Safari with a Ranger in National parks

and other possibilities depending where you are.



The country and their people

on a market in Tanzania

  • We bring you to the market places
  • You can visit a coffee plantation
  • We can organize a visit to social projects (for example: working places for disabled people, schools, vocational training centers, and so on.)
  • We bring you to Massai Villages
  • We make contact with local churches
  • A Tanzanian family invites you to lunch
  • We show you how to cook local dishes
  • If you has other wishes tell us

Beach holidays

Many people like to go for some days to the beaches of Zanzibar. You reach Zanzibar by plane or with a fast ferry from Dar es Salaam in 90 minutes.


You can find also nice beaches in Tanga, Pangani and around Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo.

Cities and Lakes  

in a shop


Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Moshi, Mwanza.
The capital city Dodoma or Bagamoyo, Lushoto,
Iringa, Morogoro, and so on.

We can show you around and bring you to market places, museums, and view points.

You can combine your safari tour with a visit of one of the big African Lakes. For example you can travel from Arusha to Lake Victoria crossing Serengeti.

Flamingos at Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the biggest Lake in Africa. Mwanza, the second biggest city of Tanzania, is situated directly at the lake. Mwanza has a harbor and is starting point for many safaris in this area of Tanzania. You can enjoy the beach of Lake Victoria in nice beach hotels. Musoma and Bukoba, small towns at the Lake invite you to look around and enjoy a view of the Lake. In the southwestern Part of Lake Victoria you find Rubondo Island National Park, a real treasure.


On the Momella-Lake in Arusha National Park you find the possibility of Canoeing and watching Flamingos.


On Lake Tanganyika you find an old ferry built one hundred years before by the Germans. Many places are only reachable by this ferry because there are no roads. Close to the city of Kigoma  is situated the Gombe-Stream- National Park, a famous place to watch chimpanzees.




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