At the End

If you travel to Tanzania you will find a beautiful country and lovely people who love guests.

You will also find a very poor country, and sometimes the infrastructure is not good.

Your host will do everything to make you as comfortable as possible, but please don’t worry if you find problems because of the poverty in this country.

Sometimes you will be missing a towel or soap, even in an expensive lodge, and the mirror is not in the place you would put it. Don’t get disturbed by this.

You will find electricity cuts, bad roads, missing bridges, or find it is necessary to wait for some time somewhere. You will have a flat tire or small car repairs because the roads destroy the car. You will find heat and dust. You are in Africa! But there are also times of strong rain and cold.

We ask you for understanding. Even if you miss a little bit of comfort at some times,  you will come home with a lot of good and rich experiences.


a shoeshiner in Tanzania

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